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Body Odour

What is bromhidrosis?

Bromhidrosis is a condition that sometimes accompanies excessive sweating where the sweat smells bad. A lot of people simply referr to it as “body odor.” It is a common phenomenon in postpubertal individuals.

People who suffer from bromhidrosis will take baths or showers just like everybody else, but their sweat still carries this distinct odor. The odor can be an unpleasant one depending on who smells it. The levels of the severity of the odor can vary and can range from very mild or very severe.

There’s actually two different types of bromhidrosis that have subtle differences. Indeed, not many people know of this distinction. It has to do with the types of sweat glands that are affected.

There are two types of sweat glands: Eccrine and Apocrine. The Eccrine sweat glands produce almost all of the sweat. Their main purpose is for the thermoregulation of the body (regulating body temperature) and they are distributed all over the body.

The Apocrine glands on the other hand are not distributed all over the body. They are localized only in certain areas such as the armpits, the genital area, the chest or breast area, and around the facial area. Apocrine sweat glands are not used in the thermoregulation of the body. Rather, their function is to produce pheromones.

Unfortunately, bromhydrosis can substantially impair a person’s quality of life.

In my case I suffered from bromhidrosis when I was under constant stress for weeks on end whilst working away from home.  It would take up to two weeks for the smell to disipate from my body once I was back home.  Unfortunately, my clothing also took on the smell and my wife would throw them away.