Health-Paradigm is a paradigm shift at the way we look at health and lifestyle.

What always struck me from an early age is the connection between our health and lifestyles.  What we eat, what we drink, the amount of sleep we get, our habits, stress, anxiety, whether we meditate or not and even our relationships all have a bearing on our health and longevity.  The above also have a bearing on our mental health and our resilience to old age.

A story that impacted me as a young man was that of a man living in England.  He had been diagnosed with a virulent form of cancer and when his doctor told him that he should get his things in order as he only had six-months to live, he went home and decided that if he was going to die he would like to so in a warm sunny place.

He had always wanted to go to Greece and had never had the opotunity to do so.  He sold everything he owned in England and travelled to Greece.  Upon his arrival he bo  tught a donkey as a pack animal and walked from vilage to village and island to island.  He ate local food and drank local water and wine.  Two years passed and he was still traveling from village to village with his donkey – as healthy as could be without any sign of cancer or any other ailment.

It is unfortunate that some doctors, not all, but some, have become drug pushers for big pharma.  

Have you ever spent a bit of time looking at the contraindications to any of the drugs prescribed to you – they will make your hair stand on end.  and then you should also consider that if you are prescribed a particular drug, you will more than likely be presribed other drugs to take into account the side effects of the first drug.  However as for the first drug each of these drugs may have some side effects as well.

The problem is that big pharma cannot make any money from natural remedies and so they try to get governments to pass laws to stop you from self-medicating using natural ingredients such as the various herbs and spices freely available on the market.

A bit of self education goes a long way in freeing ourselves from the clutches of the machine.

Words don’t just label things; they also create our reality…  Experiments have shown time and time again that  affirmations, healing intentions, hypnotherapy and inspirational talk… etc can all have the affect of altering our DNA.