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How to Overcome Psychological Impotence (Sexual Performance Anxiety)

The Causes of Impotence

Known under many nicknames over time and feared by any man who seeks to enjoy life, impotence is getting to be a more and more common dysfunction in these times. Higher levels of stress and pollution, lifestyles that are harmful to the body and exposure to beauty and sex standards that are not widely met within the society are the likely culprits for this situation.


Impotence may be caused by many different factors of both physical and psychological nature. The list of physical factors features inherited impotence, genetic disorders, various conditions and the medication prescribed for them. Studies have shown that many cases of impotence are inherited from ancestors who had similar problems. Long term consumption of alcohol and nicotine is also an established cause of impotence, due to the way alcohol influences the cardiovascular system.


Conditions and diseases that affect the flow of blood within the body are practically guaranteed to cause impotence. Since erections are based on the amount of blood that can be trapped by the penis and on the time it takes to do so, it’s easy to see why people suffering from cardiovascular conditions or diabetes have problems getting erections.


The medication used to keep in check these conditions is also bound to affect the flow of blood, especially in the case of high blood pressure. Other types of medication that interfere with erections are those which modify the responses of the central nervous system to various reflex actions. Such drugs are likely to inhibit the reflex widening of arteries that allows an erection to occur. Antidepressants are well-known for listing impotence among their side effects.


However, any man that wakes in the morning with a full or half-full erection can probably say that there is nothing wrong on the physical side. Which means, of course, that the problem probably lies within the mind. The best known psychological factors that cause impotence are stress and lack of confidence. Stress depletes the energy reserves of the human body and hinders the normal functioning of the brain. Men suffering from stress lose the ability to respond correctly to their impulses and reflexes.


Lack of confidence is a huge problem for certain men who should not have any problem at all. It breaks the focus needed for sex and puts all efforts in doubt. This intimate fear of failure is usually the start of a descent into depression. With each failed erection, the man becomes more and more convinced that his fear of failure is warranted, thus reinforcing his belief in his own inadequacy. If left untreated, this situation can spiral out of control and turn a physically healthy man into a recluse afraid of any intimate contact.


However, impotence is not a death sentence. It can be treated. Not by moping about and waiting for the problem to solve itself, of course, but by taking the initiative. If there’s nothing wrong with physical side, then counseling and practice (yes, you read that right!) should help anyone drive impotence away. With every sex session that ends successfully for both partners, confidence returns and a positive view replaces the negative one.


If the problem is on the physical side, then men should look around and try to identify the source. It may be that the cause is medication or a condition, in which case a trip to a doctor for advice on how to handle the situation is in order. Heavy drinkers and smokers would do well to lay off the alcohol and cigarettes for a while and try to put their circulatory systems in order. Such a change in lifestyle choices has many benefits.


Of course, this is where penis exercises like the PenisHealth program and pills like VolumePills can help men put this old foe to rout. Penis enlargement exercises can help improve the responses of an untrained penis to the erection reflex. The exercises are also an excellent way of learning to control ejaculation, which is crucial for the confidence of fast comers. Knowing that you can hold back as much as you like in order to please your partner is priceless.
Approximately 10% to 20% of the time, psychological factors are at the root of erectile dysfunction. This is called, psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Other common names for it are psychological impotence and mental impotence. Stress, relationship problems, and psychological factors can impair signals from the brain that trigger the biological response needed for an erection.  However, psychological impotence is treatable.  CLICK HERE to Overcome your Psychological Impotence (Sexual Performance Anxiety) discreetly and without ever visiting a doctor.