Reduce Your Disease Risk

How To Reduce Your Disease Risk By An Astonishing 80 Percent

Is it really possible to live a disease-free life?
According to health and fitness professional Carolyn Hansen the answer is “most definitely”.
She says that long term studies have proven that you can rid yourself of up to 80 percent of the disease risk that plagues many people and ends up cutting their life unnecessarily short.
By decades, in some cases.
I am sure I don’t have to point out the benefits of being able to live a life free of the risk of disease.
Of course that’s not what she’s claiming here. Just the ability to reduce your risk to one fifth of what it otherwise might be.
But just to play Devil’s Advocate, what ARE the benefits of being able to lower your risk by such a large amount?
For one thing, your life duration expectation goes way up.
Instead of sticking around for just 70-80 years, maybe now you get to live to see your 100th birthday.
Even better than that – you get to live out the later years of your life without having to deal with the slow torture that failing organs inflict on the disease-ridden.
Kidney disease is no fun. Nor is pancreatic, throat, lung, bowel or skin cancer.
Even plain old diabetes can completely hobble you and cause the slow shutdown of organs and the necessity to rid yourself of the furthest extremities in a bid to just keep going…
No. Disease, if it can be avoided MUST be avoided if you are presented with any reasonable course of action that would allow it.
So what’s the secret?
What do you need to do to wipe the slate and regain the years that disease may get preparing to rob from you even as you read this page?
Carolyn says that by adopting just FOUR simple lifestyle habits you can eliminate 80 percent of the risk for the BIG diseases, the ones that claim the lives of millions every year and swell the ledgers of the “prematurely deceased”.
What are those magical four habits?
Well, you’ll need to read her ebook “Reduce Your Disease Risk By An Astonishing 80 Percent” to get the answers.
But the good news is that it is free:
Better still, it turns out that those habits are nothing outlandish at all. In fact you may be doing at least one of them already. But it’s missing out on the benefits of the other three that might end up killing you.
And that’s why I recommend you go read the book now. That and the fact that I’ve always wanted to be able to say “Go read this book now. It may just save your life…” and actually have it be true. In this case, it is!