Moniliasis: Symptoms and Effective Treatments

Are You Familiar With This Particular Yeast Infection?

You have no doubt heard of yeast infections of the vagina, penis and other areas, but are you familiar with Moniliasis? This is a yeast infection of the mouth and throat more commonly referred to as thrush. Thrush or Moniliasis occurs in the mouth and throat and normally comes from the overuse of antibiotics, which kill the microbes in the mouth responsible for keeping the Candida Albicans in check.

For the most part, there are few symptoms to yeast infections in the mouth other than the visible white patches on the mucous membranes. These patches normally do not hurt but on rare occasions or if left untreated they can make it difficult to eat or swallow. The patches can also bleed if rubbed say while you are brushing your teeth.

Normally for infants and children with Moniliasis you will first see a physician. Since thrush can cause some soreness and trouble swallowing it is important to be sure, your baby or small child is getting enough to eat and proper fluids. Take small children in to be thoroughly checked by your pediatrician.

When it comes to thrush in adults, there are several treatments you can opt for. Most often, your doctor will advise you to use some kind of antifungal treatment such as mouthwash, lozenges or tablets.

If you are, a healthy adult or even a young child there is the possibility that you can use more natural treatments to alleviate the symptoms of Moniliasis. Non-sweetened yogurt or acidophilus tablets are a good choice. These will not kill the infection out right, but they will restore the balance to the naturally occurring flora in your system that will.

Gentian violet is an antifungal substance that some have had good luck with. This purple dye like substance goes to work immediately to kill the fungus or bacteria in your mouth that causes the Moniliasis. One side effect of course is that you may have purple stains for quite some time. This treatment should never be used on children without close physician supervision.

If you or your child is suffering from Moniliasis, you are interested in one thing only and that is how to rid yourself of the problem! Many of the above scenarios may work, but there is a unique problem with all of these treatments. None of them will completely cure yeast infections! They treat the symptoms alone and do not go beyond to the point of origin.

When you are looking for a natural cure for Moniliasis, or any other yeast infection, look for a program that works quickly without side effects and totally eradicates the infection! Do not suffer another minute with this or other yeast infections get the help you deserve today.