Getting Rid Of Thrush Naturally

What is Thrush and How To Get Rid Of It

Thrush can have many causes and can be an embarrassing complaint to take to your health care provider. Thrush is an overgrowth of yeast and needs to be treated, but this does not mean rushing straight out and getting the drugs from the pharmacy. Thrush just loves to thrive in a moist environment, so one of the causes may be tight fitting clothing, especially if the clothing is made of synthetic fibers that than create a perfect breeding ground.

Thrush is classically found where there is persistent itching in the vaginal area of women, which is where it becomes something of an embarrassment as it makes going anywhere seem rather out of the question. Imagine trying to have dinner with friends when you can’t seem to sit still, because the persistent itch is causing you to squirm in your seat.

Don’t panic. Natural help is very closely at hand, and by following some simple steps the infection can be brought back under control. You will be able to stop it reoccurring as you will now know how to deal with it.

It is worth seeing a doctor to confirm that you do have a yeast infection, as you could actually make it worse if you are treating the wrong condition, but if the doctor is happy to confirm thrush as a diagnosis then by all means turn down his drugs and try these methods first.

Calendula is a plant based extract which has natural antibacterial properties, and is also anti-fungal so is a great choice. You can get creams which can be applied outside the body to itchy areas or a peccary for internal application, and with so many people prepared to sing the praises of Calendula it is definitely proving effective. Mothers have also cottoned on to using Calendula as an alternative to harsh chemical nappy creams for their babies. It is perfect for use on these areas of the body as it is so gentle yet powerfully effective, and contains nothing more than naturally occurring plant extracts.

Garlic is also a good alternative thrush treatment, as it contains the same anti fungal and antibacterial properties and works in much the same way, and yet again there is no nasty man made chemicals to damage the system. Again with care this can be used internally, but you must wrap the undamaged, peeled garlic clove in muslin, and secure it so that you can remove it with ease. Leave it in place overnight but be warned that this will make you smell of garlic, but is highly effective so well worth consideration.

Again when considering an over the counter drug based cure compared to a natural cure, remember that although chemicals do work on infections the side effects to the body can be numerous and in many cases not seen immediately, whereas natural products have been proven to cause no harm to the internal systems and in many cases are actually more effective in a shorter space of time than resorting to drug based cures.